Hello Brett,

We are pleased to say that all went well with the custom built "Solid Locking Ring" and "Support Clamp" that the IAL team had supplied to us for the Petronas operations here in Cuba.   We thank you and your entire IAL team for the support throughout the entire initial site survey, conceptual design and definitive design to suit the specific application.

It has definitely given us a time and monetary savings for our operations, and will be documented as a major cost savings initiative as it allowed us to hang off our 20" casing sting (intitially 1000m long) and allow us to continue with other offline activities with the dual derrick capability of the rig....


Best Regards,

Keegan Maharaj

Senior Drilling Engineer, International Explorations



Schlumberger   Aberdeen:-

SLB   Gents and Lady: By way of introduction Lennard Henry represents IAL in   Trinidad who are a Regional Manufacturer for Crossover's. They have also supplied SLB with other pressure containing   components for SenTREE 3 and 7 (although they would not have known the   tooling names) such as Ported joints, Hangers etc. They represent the top   level of quality in Regional manufacturing and have just supplied us here on  the North Sea with crossovers that could not be manufactured on time in UK.   RMG recommends their services to yourselves as a facility that can deliver   high quality in a short time-scale.

Paul   Jefferson.

WCP RMG Manager


On behalf of Regional Manufacturing for Schlumberger I am pleased to confirm that IAL ENGINEERING SERVICES TLD -Trinidad will remain through 2009, an approved :-

  • Regional Manufacturing and
  • Design Centre, for below flowhead crossovers

We thank you for your professionalism and support throughout 2008 and look forward to a mutually beneficial co-operation this year.

On behalf of Schlumberger Regional Manufacture,

Paul Jefferson
OPPC Rapid Response Manager

Schlumberger   Rosharon:-


First let me start by saying thank you to you and your team for working so hard on this project!  I know it was a short timeline and extremely critical for delivery.  Your willingness to work on the manufacturing as well as getting the documentation done correctly was noticed by our management team.

Eric Peña

Sourcing Specialist


BP Trinidad:-

Many thanks for the work that you and your team delivered on   IA-25, this was well above anything that any other company achieved.    You replied to requests rapidly and with the information required, you   chased, queried and confirmed any areas that to you were unclear about and   you delivered consistently a high quality product.

Have recommended that all completion equipment is processed   through your workshop no matter which company you are talking about to   achieve a uniform quality of documentation and ensure that all maters such as   drifts are dealt with.  Believe that if this is done through your   facility there will not be any need for direct BP involvement and we can   achieve consistency and high quality of make up.

Clive French