Once a PC Pump is commissioned on an oilwell, a Surface PC Drivehead is required to turn the Pump.  We  offer two (2) ranges of Driveheads:

-IAL Variable Speed Driveheads

  • We have been manufacturing since 1996 and we have commission over 1000 units.  The following are some critical features:


    • Prime Mover from 3HP to 7.5HP
    • Polish Rod Speed : RPM Adjuster 50RPM, Allow range 40-130
    • Driveshaft Through Bore – Full Opening Minimum ID 1.9"
    • Wellhead Connection 3-1/8" 3000# Flange.  3" LP option available
    • Design for 1-1/8" Polish Rod. Stuffing Box – Standard Skinner Internals rated for 1500psi
    • Complete with ½" Anti –Pollution port. (In case of leakage on stuffing box)
    • Belt system: Two (2) Groove B-section belts on top pulleysRPM adjusters – Complete with one (1) single groove adjustable pulley.
    • Rated for 350ft/lb maximum torque.
    • Integral Back Speed Retarder brakes.



-Oillift Technology Inc

  • They offer Driveheads from 10HP to 150HP. These drives Torque rating ranges from 500ft/lb to 2000ft/lb and are available as:
    • Belt Driven
    • Hydraulic Driven
    • Gear Driven


The following are some critical features: 

  • Prime Mover can range from 10 HP to 150HP motor.
  • Polish Rod Speed – 50 to 500 RPM.
  • Wellhead Connection 3-1/8 3000# studded mounted flange with R31 Ring gasket.
  • Design for 1-1/4" & 1-1/2" Polish Rod.
  • RPM adjusters – Can be done by VFD.
  • Rated for 500ft/lb to 2000ft/lb maximum torque.
  • Top mounted "Zero Spill" Stuffing Box.
  • Electrical Motor directly mounted to Gear Housing.
  • Design with a built in Centrifugal Brake Retarder on the input shaft
  • Ideal for slant wells