ESP Penetrators

We offer an electrical feeder that allows the power cable for downhole pumps to pass though the Wellhead hanger . The  equipment is designed to provide a mechanical seal over the pump power cables in completions with Electro Submersible or Progressing Cavity Pump with Downhole motor. Securely and quickly installation, minimizing rig time and total operation costs



No Splicing of motor Cable inside the wellheadRated for 10000psi No epoxy needed. Therefore job can be done in any weather condictionAll spares and system can be 100% reusable No Special tools needed



System of threading coupling, that offers a high quality seal individually to each conductor. Minimizes the use of materials and installations tools. Increases the security and confiability with the implementation of a Pre-Seal Guide.The complete installation of the equipment is done between 30 and 40 minutes.



The Seal System can be installed outside the well.   The SPS replaces other models of the market with out changing the hanger.



Ground Conductor. Drainage and Vent. The SPS makes the vent box be optional.