Pumping Units

CONVENTIONAL UNITS – The LUFKIN  Conventional Crank Balanced Unit, widely known and accepted, is the old reliable “WORK  HORSE”  of the oil patch.  This is the most universally adaptable unit in the  “LUFKIN  LINE”.
MARK 11 UNITORQUE UNITS – The Mark  11 Unit, due to its unique geometry and phased counterbalance feature, lowers peak torque and horsepower requirements.
LOW PROFILE UNITS – The LUFKIN Low Profile unit is a compact unit designed for installation in  fields by travelling sprinkler systems or in urban areas where the low profile feature may be desirable.
AIR BALANCED UNITS – The utilization of compressed air instead of heavy cast iron counterweights allows more accurate fingertip control of counterbalance.  As a result, the weight of the unit is greatly reduced, significantly lowering transportation and installation costs.
BEAM BALANCED UNITS – The LUFKIN Beam Balanced unit has the same rugged dependability as the Conventional Unit.  These units fill the need of economically producing many of the shallow wells.