Flow Line Solutions

Through our principals FMC Technologies, we have been supplying Flow Line Solutions to the Trinidad market for several decades. FMC Technologies is the world’s leading supplier of flowline products and services to the oilfield industry and is the standard against which all others are measured. From the original Chiksan® and Weco® products to the revolutionary equipment designs and integrated services of today, FMC Technologies’ fluid control family of products and services enables us and our customers to achieve maximum life and value from their flowline systems throughout a complete range of applications.

The success of FMC Technologies’ Fluid Control technology stems from a strong tradition of anticipating and responding to customer needs in every way possible. By focusing on the delivery of top products and services, FMC Technologies is helping us and our customers to face tomorrow’s technical and economic challenges today.




WECO Plug Valves


WECO Butterfly Valves


Pressure Relief Valves

WECO Hammer Unions

Chicksan Swivel Joints


 Pup Joints


 Chicksan Loops

Integral Fittings