Through our principals, Siemens Demag Delaval Turbomachinery, Inc. and Siemens Ag, we have been supplying Turbomachinery products and services to the local market since 1963. Siemens is a world leader in manufacturing expertly designed and technologically advanced Turbines and Turbocompressors for thousands of customers globally. They have maintained unwavering commitment to customers by being proactive in supporting their needs and by providing excellent individualized solutions to their specific applications. Siemens Power Generation maintains strategically located manufacturing facilities around the globe and a worldwide team of more than 31,000 professional engineers, technicians, mechanical specialists and support personnel. And with 200-plus offices in nearly 80 countries, Siemens Power Generation is there for new technology, service maintenance or any unexpected emergency that might arise


Siemens is entirely committed to delivering tailored technology that is more powerful, more efficient, more competitive, and easier to maintain. Their solutions push the highest limits of efficiency and reliability. Siemens has many years experience in power generation - combined cycle, simple cycle, IGCC or steam power plants. Moreover they offer advanced compression solutions - for the oil and gas industry as well as for applications in air separation plants, metal making and in the chemical industry. But beyond that, they also take seriously their responsibility for health, safety, and the protection of the environment - and finding the right solution for your unique needs