Casing Spools

Supports C-21, C-22, C-29 industry standard casing hangers:

  • Provides annular access through studded side outlets (SSO)
  • Retains bowl protectors/bit guides during drilling
  • Supports the BOP during drilling operations



C-22 with Lockdown Screws

C-22 Casing Spools


  • Straight bowl profile
  • API 6A compliant for material, temperature, PSL; meets PR-1 test requirements
  • Bottom connections are flanged / studded with CS Seal
  • Studded side outlets (SSO) that accept valve removal plugs (optional LP threaded)
  • Models -L have retractable lockdown screws
  • Models -BP have retractable bowl protector pins


  • Interchangeable within wellhead industry casing spools and most widely used hanger designs
  • Compatible with standard wear bushings, test plugs and running tools
  • Straight bowl prevents wedge-locking of bowl protectors, casing hangers and test plugs

C-29 without Lockdown Screws 


C-29 Casing Spools


  • Many of the same features as C-22 Casing Spools
  • Made for greater casing loads, has a deeper bowl


  • Many of the same benefits as C-22 Casing Spools
  • Standardization within the industry ensures efficiency, increased safety, reduced overall costs