Casing Heads


Screw-On without Lockdown Screws


  • Allows testing and support for a BOP system during drilling out for the next casing string
  • Provides the attachment / sealing point to surface equipment
  • Ported to allow for pressure testing of the casing head slip-on weld
  • Casing hanger retention with optical lockdown screws in top flange
  • Provides for annular access and monitoring through threaded or studded side outlets (SSO)
  • Provides landing and retention of a bowl protector or test plug

Screw-on with Lockdown Screws

C-22 Bowl:


  • Straight bowl profile, industry standard design, multiple side outlet options
  • API 6A compliant for material, temperature, PSL; Meets PR-1 test requirements
  • Bottom connections may be male-threaded, female-threaded, slip-on weld, or weld-less.
  • When required, a welded baseplate may be used.


  • Straight bowl with load shoulder can support bowl protectors, casing hangers and test plugs
  • Standard design–interchangeable within the wellhead industry
  • Versatile top connection, may be flanged, bowl pinned, or have retractable lockdown screws

Slip-on & Weld (SOW) without

 Lockdown Screws 

C-29 Bowl


  • Many of the same features as C22 design except for a deeper bowl
  • Compliant for use in higher pressures and extreme loads


  • Deeper bowl accepts other wellhead casing hangers; designed for heavier casing loads