Companion Flanges

Blind Flange 

Companion Flanges:


Can be machined  into a variety of sizes and pressure ratings and with various features for different applications.


  • Blind – Used to blank of an Inlet or Outlet Flange Connection
  • Blind with ½” NPT Tap-in – Used  to blank off an Outlet  Flange, but  allow provision for monitoring  or bleeding  with a ½” Ball or Needle Valve. These are also popular as Test Flanges.
  • Threaded – May have a Tubing (e.g  EUE)  or Line Pipe threaded Outlet
  • Butt Weld -  Typically used in high pressure or other critical applications
  • Slip-on Type Weld – Typically used in Pipe Line Applications.

Threaded Flange 


Butt Weld Flange