Tubing Spools


Typical C-22 Design with Studded Side Outlets (SSO)  and Lockdown Screws


Tubing Spools are a straight bore (C-22 or C-29) design:

  • Our Tubing Spool supports all our completion tubing hangers
  • Our Tubing Spool supports all our Wrap-around Packoffs
  • Provides a secondary seal around the production casing
  • Allows for access to production casing via the side outlets

Tubing Spool for Single Tubing String Completion


  • Straight bowl profile with load shoulder to land tubing hangers
  • API 6A compliant for material, temperature, PSL; meets PR-1   test requirements
  • Bottom connections are flanged/studded with either a polished bore for the Casing Pack-off or ID Seals for the Extended Neck on Mandrels
  • Studded side outlets standard and valve removal plugs (optional LP threaded).


  • Compatible with Casing Heads, Casing Spools and   standard wear bushings and test plugs