Drive Heads

We are equipped with an "in – house" Drivehead service shop that can re-conditioned Variable speed drivehead and make modification as per customer requirement. Drivehead units are test run, Torque tested, and painted. 


Customer-owned Driveheads in the Service, Repair and Assembly Area.

These Units are undergoing modifications to their Housings, installation of Back-Spin Retarders and being modified to have Mounting Flanges instead of Threaded Connections on the bottom.


Driveheads being assembled and cleaned prior to painting in preparation for delivery to a customer.

Assembled Units, which will be fitted with a motor of the customer's choice prior to delivery, are stored on the rack in the background,


  Drive head completed and ready for delivery


 We conduct field inspection, RPM changes, and basic trouble shooting on customer wells.


  Technician can be made available for commissioning PC Drivehead on customer Rig Floor.