Re-certification & Traceability

Once a serviced  piece of Treating Iron has gone through the entire Service Process and successfully passed Pressure Testing, the Inlet and Outlet ends are robustly identified by securing a Stainless Steel Band around them.

This Stainless Steel band contains important identification such as the Job Number and the date it was banded.

The information on the Band can then be traced through FMC’s and our information system to provide full traceability.

InteServ Database

The information on the Bands on re-certified  Treating Iron can be traced through FMC’s InteServ  Interactive Database System.

Through the InteServ database, FMC Technologies provides critical asset information analysis to customers in real time via secure internet access.

InteServ offers planning and tracking tools to help monitor inspection due dates, track the location of treating iron, produce treating iron certification and rejection reports, produce test charts, analyze ultrasonic test history and more.

The InteServ Database can support users in all levels of field investigation  with customized  analysis so  that facing an investigation without the facts is no longer an option. The InteServ database provides inspection information at the exact time it is needed.