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Q2 Artificial Lift Services

Q2 Artificial Lift Services

Authorize local agent for Q2 Artificial Lift Services 

Q2 offers a full line of Down hole rod pump components and accessories that are manufactured in house. With Q2 having the ability to control all manufacture procedures, this enables us to provide a world class product.

We supply Rod Pumps:

  • API Insert Pumps 
  • Specialty Pumps

API Insert Pumps

Q2 ALS is an API certified manufacturer of downhole rod pumps and has the ability to standardize pump components from all manufacturers and provides a template on how down hole rod pumps should be assembled. With Q2’s combined 800+ years of bottom hole pump experience worldwide, gives Q2 the advantage in recommending proper solutions for all our customer applications.

Specialty Pumps

Q2 specialty pumps have been designed and manufactured for specific applications. Whether it is sand, gas or a
combination of both, Q2 can supply a pump that will fill the customer’s specific needs. Q2 manufactures many different designs in house and these designs are engineered to deal with great amounts of solids and gas related issues.

Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad & Tobago

La Retriate Rd., Gonzales Village, Guapo, Trinidad, W.I.

Phone: (868) 648-0827/9


Guyana Facility

2940 Plantations Friendship East Bank, Demerara, Guyana

Phone: (592) 683-3351