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3D Design Engineering Software

Our Team of Design Engineers use the most state of the art 3D Design Software Systems on the market to create distinct custom solutions for our clients. These 3D Design Drawings allow our clients to get accurate representation of the actual product that is going to be manufactured. Using these advance software systems we are able to manufacture products with great accuracy and efficiency. 

CNC Technology

Our Facility is equipped with the most modern day CNC Machinery to get the job done right. Our wide inventory of CNC Machinery allows us the ability to take on any job with accuracy and efficiency, ensuring the production of high quality products. 

Laser Mapping

With the use of Cutting Edge Laser Technology to aid us in identifying key areas in Pipeline Infrastructure layouts  that are damaged or in need service repairs done. Our Laser Mapping service provides accurate information that allows us to precisely identify repairs to be carried out with minimal risk and high efficiency. 


Our Engineering Team create  P&ID’s to show our clients, piping and related components of a physical process flow in their proposed solutions. P&ID’s are very important schematic illustrations of functional relationships between piping, instrumentation equipment and system components.