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NOV Fiberglass Systems

Bondstrand Fiberglass Pipe

Bondstrand Fiberglass provides glass-reinforced epoxy piping provides lightweight and corrosion-resistant solutions to conventional materials.

MARRS Offshore Handrails

MARRS Offshore Handrails offer ABS Fire Integrity Type Approval, this patented handrail system meets the durability and strength demands of offshore installations.

Fiberglass Grating and Flooring (FRP)

Built for durability, NOV fiberglass-reinforced plastic (FRP) gratings are ideal for harsh environments like offshore platforms.

Fiberglass Ladders and Gates (FRP)

Designed to withstand today’s harsh environments, our Fiber Reinforced Polymer ladders and gates are suitable for marine, offshore and chemical applications.

Bondstrand Composite Pressure Vessels

NOV Fiberglass Systems design and manufactures premium-quality fiber-reinforced polymer (FRP) pressure vessels, which are the perfect fit for demanding offshore applications.

Trinidad and Tobago

Trinidad Facility

La Retriate Rd., Gonzales Village, Guapo, Trinidad, W.I.

Phone: (868) 648-0827/9


Guyana Facility

2940 Plantations Friendship East Bank, Demerara, Guyana

Phone: (592) 683-3351